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The many costs of automobile accidents

South Carolina drivers might not realize the various costs associated with traffic accidents. In 2010 alone, the economic ramifications of United States traffic accidents amounted to an estimated $1 trillion, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Factored into that number are the loss of productivity and the loss of life attributed to traffic accidents.

How do you prove fault in a car crash?

Anyone who has suffered injuries in a crash caused by someone else may have wondered how to prove the liability of the other party. Official police reports can be one of the strongest forms of evidence when it comes to proving liability, but the police do not respond to every accident. There are several other methods that may be used, but each state has its own laws regarding accident reporting.

Statewide texting-and-driving ban arrives in South Carolina

A common thread running throughout this blog has been the topic of distracted driving. With the proliferation of mobile technology and vehicles that have an increasing number of built-in features, there are many things that could take drivers' eyes from the road. Of course, these behaviors can come at a cost.

Handling a car accident while on vacation in South Carolina

Going on a trip is almost always an exciting experience. For many people, being able to get away -- even just for a few days -- can be an effective way to shed the stress of everyday life. The unfortunate reality is that vacations do not always go as planned. Car accidents are likely among the last problems that a traveler wants to deal with, but they can and do happen.

South Carolina roads are among the nation's most dangerous

Throughout the course of a year, various state rankings will hit the news. For example, South Carolina is often marked as a popular tourist destination. At the same time, however, some of the rankings aren’t quite as desirable. Recently, South Carolina's residents were named the second-worst drivers in the country.

Hit and run accident kills one and injures another

A 72-year-old motorist from Greenwood was killed and another 60-year-old Saluda driver suffered serious injuries in a three-car crash on Feb. 7. Police blame that accident on a hit and run driver who made unsafe lane changes. The South Carolina Highway Patrol is continuing its accident investigation.

Two dead in Conway when truck runs stop sign

Intersections may be particularly fatal for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. The United States suffered 8,766 fatalities in intersection or intersection related crashes in 2012. This is a 5.4 percent increase from the 8,317 deaths in these accidents in this country in 2011. South Carolina suffered 863 traffic deaths in 2012 of which 156 were related to an intersection or intersection-related car accident. There were 142 fatalities in intersection crashes reported in the state one year earlier.

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