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Crossing guard struck by pickup truck in South Carolina

For some people, being hit by a motor vehicle is an occupational hazard. For school crossing guards, this danger is faced in the name of protecting children. This hazard became a reality for one South Carolina woman who was hit while serving as a school crossing guard in Sangaree, South Carolina.

According to witnesses and local police, the woman was struck in the early morning by a 16-year-old female driver in a pickup truck. The driver apparently accelerated through an intersection where the woman was helping children cross the street. According to those who live in the area, this turn of events was awful, but not entirely unexpected. They say that the intersection is often packed with cars and many drivers appear to ignore the posted traffic laws and fail to be aware of their surroundings. To them, a pedestrian accident was almost inevitable.

As a result of this accident, a local school official issued a statement restating the desire for drivers in the area to take seriously their responsibilities for safe driving. They asked that drivers be cautious, take their time and avoid using their phones in any capacity. It has also been revealed that the South Carolina Department of Transportation did, at one point, study traffic on the road; the group may be asked to revisit the possibility of installing a light.

Yet this potential action is too late to stop the serious injury to the crossing guard, who is now hospitalized and in critical condition. She must come to terms with the pain and suffering, medical bills and lost time associated with this devastating accident. For her and many like her in this situation, legal action may be warranted.

Source: WCSC, "Community urges change after school crossing guard 'hit head on'" Mark Davenport, May 9, 2012

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