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South Carolina pedestrian killed in tragic accident

An accident in York County, South Carolina, has resulted in the death of a 75-year-old pedestrian. According to initial reports, the man parked his pickup truck on S.C. 5 near the intersection of Reservation Road and Bowater and got out of the vehicle. Officials did not make statements regarding why the man exited the pickup. Tragically, a Mack truck then struck the smaller vehicle from behind, which caused it to collide with the pedestrian.

As is often the case in pedestrian accidents, the individual unfortunately died from his injuries.

In cases when the person involved survives, they often suffer serious injuries such as brain or spinal cord damage. The physical and financial consequences of these accidents are often far reaching both for those involved and their loved ones.

While the most obvious and debilitating injuries are often physical, resulting in life-long disabilities, the financial consequences can be just as damaging. The costs associated with both short and long-term medical treatment are often high.

To assuage the burden of these costs, those involved in pedestrian accidents often seek legal assistance. Financial compensation can result from legal action and these funds can lead to a significant reduction in the monetary burden a victim must pay to regain their physical wellbeing.

For example, the costs of physical therapy or long-term prescription medicines could be covered as a result of legal action. In some cases of severe injury, an individual may also need to be retrained in another line of work so they can support themselves. In this case, monies obtained can also be used for educational and training purposes.

In the event that an individual dies in an accident, the family can also receive compensation for wrongful death. These costs can ease the financial burden of expenses and even help the family replace the income that the deceased contributed to the household finances.

Source: Heraldonline.com, "Pedestrian, 75, dies in York Co. crash with logging truck," Nicole Smith, April 17, 2012

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