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January 2012 Archives

Car-semi collision that killed SC teen still under investigation

A teenager from Loris, South Carolina, was killed last week when her vehicle and an 18-wheeler collided at an intersection in Florence, South Carolina. Several people were hurt in the crash, but the truck driver--who was driving a commercial wood chip truck--was not hurt. The 17-year-old victim was pronounced dead at the scene by the county coroner.

Heart attack behind the wheel leads to truck driver's death

A man who was found dead in the wreckage of a tractor-trailer accident earlier this month near Blacksburg, South Carolina, actually died of a heart attack, not from the impact of the crash. After an autopsy was conducted by the Cherokee County coroner, it was determined that the man's death was the cause of the accident, rather than the result.

South Carolina man killed when his pickup hits a tanker truck

A Fountain Inn, South Carolina, man was killed this week when his pickup truck hit the back of a methanol tanker truck that had stopped for traffic in front of it on Interstate 385. The driver of the pickup was not wearing a seat belt. The impact from the truck accident caused fatal multiple blunt force trauma to his neck and head.

South Carolina man killed, wife hurt in interstate highway wreck

A 54-year-old man from Columbia, South Carolina, was killed earlier this month when his car overturned in an effort to avoid another car. The man's wife, the driver of the car, and another passenger were wearing seatbelts and suffered minor injuries. The victim, however, was not wearing a seatbelt and was ejected from the GMC Yukon as it overturned.

Federal study finds that many hospital errors are not reported

For every seven errors that occur in hospitals affecting Medicare patients, employees recognize and report only one, according to federal investigators in a new study. And, the report says, even when preventable events such as infections and injuries are investigated, steps are not taken that would prevent them from recurring in the future.

Family files lawsuit after 91-year-old killed in Greenville crash

Many factors can contribute to car accidents in South Carolina, such as speeding, driver negligence and being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Earlier this year, speeding seems to have played a part in a car crash that took the life of a 91-year-old Greenville man.South Carolina drivers may be entitled to receive damages for a personal injury claim when they are involved in a car crash. Additionally, legal basis for a wrongful death claim is applicable when one of the victims of an accident dies as a result of the injuries caused by another driver. In this matter representatives for the deceased man's family have filed a lawsuit against the man and his employer.

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